Boost your cross- & upselling

 sales by 3-5%

Do you have a comprehensive range of services with many different products?

Are your sales reps managing a variety of customers?

Empower your sales team with intelligent product recommendations and the provision of intuitive and sales relevant information.

Conventional approaches don't have adequate effect

Customers need to be addressed at the right time with the right product recommendations

for a customer-specific approach dynamic information are essential

Business Intelligence
Umsatz steigern

static product matrix 

BI / Big Data

incentives / top down approaches

sales trainings and collaterals

Sales recommendations based on artificial intelligence

With ILC Product Fit, you can provide your sales force with a simple-to-use solution to identify and develop significant cross-selling and up-selling potentials. Intelligent and self-learning algorithms provide customer specific sales recommendations in the customer contact as well as the preparation intuitively.

Therefore employees always know which products and services can be offered to the 

customer in a complementary way.

The particularity for you: 

The algorithm only needs basic input data - e.g. who bought what and when - for fast success and assures optimal results through self-learning algorithms in the long run

Exemplary view of the mobile ILC Product Fit solution

>> intelligent recommendations on the basis of self-learning algorithms

>> extensive data pool usable comprehensive input-options depending on availability 

e.g. from the CRM, ERP, PIM or Webshop

>> control company goals via artificial intelligence, e.g. pushing high-contribution products

Individual product advice through relevant knowledge at the right time

Support your sales staff in successfully placing products by product-specific provision of USPs & value proposition, product details and competitive comparisons. As a result, your employees can concentrate entirely on selling their products, thereby increasing cross-selling and upselling sales. 

360° Kundensicht

>> appropriate provision of sales-related information to the recommendation - 

individually customizable to your circumstances and available information

>> in addition to internal sources, external information can also be integrated,

 e.g. from procurement platforms for dynamic market comparisons

>> direct interaction possibilities, e.g. Transfer of the product recommendation into an offer

Guided selling made easy

"Due to ILC I know exactly how I have to place different products - even if I have sold this product rarely until now.

ILC facilitates the work immensely for me."

- Tony Reicheneder , Sales, Henrichsen AG

Intelligent recommendation

"Product fit knows always an additional product to sell from our comprehensive portfolio. Therefore the chance of interest of the customers increases immensely."

- Kerstin Hahn, Inside Sales, HENRICHSEN AG

Also available integrated in your CRM

Benefit from short project duration and easy implementation thanks to a powerful 

algorithm and customizable standard interfaces

Your benefits at a glance

» Identify and unlock unutilised and unknown cross- & upselling potential by means of intelligent product recommendations based on self learning algorithms and enlarge the average number of products on quotations.

» Facilitate the work of your sales rep with relevant information at the right time and support them to address the product recommendations perfectly and to focus on the sales of your products.

» Shorten the preparation time and accelerate the learning process for new sales reps to become fluent with your comprehensive product portfolio and enable them to be successful right off the bat.

End-to-end solution over all relevant channels


The algorithm can be used as a multichannel solution in order to unlock the full cross- & upselling potential.

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