Don't let your cross- & upselling potential be left behind in the future!

Up to 90% of the customers are willing to buy additional products from their suppliers, if they only knew about the product or it would have been offered respectively!

Digital Cross- & Upselling Assistant for B2B companies

More sales and margin at your fingertips

Unleash the power of your existing data within the ERP, CRM or online area. A powerful, self-learning algorithm generates smart product recommendations from Big Data for holistic customer penetration.


The comprehensive multi-channel approach ensures cross- & upselling revenues across all relevant channels - according to your individual needs.

Product recommendations via   e-mail

Smart & automated use of the employees daily E-Mail communication

Sales recommendations for sales reps & inside sales

Customer-specific cross- & upselling reccomendations at your fingertips - e.g. within CRM

Product recommendations within the eShop

Highly personalized recommendations for the customer at the Point-of-Purchase

Your benefit: significant increase in cross- & upselling as well as efficieny gains!

Success stories:

  • EBIT effect of approx. 1.5 Mio. € already in launch year
  • 3,5% growth of cross- & upselling turnover after 6 weeks
  • 7% of total sales from product recommendations
  • 75% of products had noch been purchased by customers for 24 months or had never been purchased before
  • Orders with at least one product of recommendations contain one more item on average
  • 150% increase in click rates through personalized product recommendations                       
  • 12% increase in the frequency of visits due to efficiency gains in day-to-day operations