Smart and proven use cases for more cross- & upselling in B2B

Product recommendations  via e-mail

Smart & automated use of everyday mail traffic for more cross- & upselling in B2B

E-mail is still an extremely popular channel of communication in B2B. On average, approximately 30 e-mails are sent per employee every day. ILC offers the Selling Mail Assistant in order to personalize the day-to-day communication with your customers.


The Selling Mail Assistant automatically and dynamically integrates product recommendations that are suitable for the recipient generated on the basis of a self-learning algorithm. The product recommendations are inserted below the e-mail signature by means of an Outlook add-in. On the one hand, this has a direct influence on cross- & upselling sales and also supports B2B companies in "digitally feeding" their customers and increasing the online quota.


Sales recommendations for sales reps & inside sales

Customer-specific cross- & upselling suggestions at the push of a button

Direct sales is still by far the largest sales channel in B2B. Therefore, the support of your sales team in the development of cross- & upselling turnover is a large growth area.


The Selling Employee Assistant provides employees with sales recommendations for the individual customer. The recommendations generated via artificial intelligence are provided intuitively - e.g. integrated into your CRM or via mobile device. This enables the office or field staff to address cross- & upselling potentials in a targeted manner. And at the touch of a button, in order to proactively address relevant additional products in customer conversations despite the short "window of opportunity". 


In order to further support the employee, information suitable for the recommendation is displayed in consolidated form. For example USPs and competitve comparisons.


Product recommendations for the B2B Webshop

Highly personalized recommendations at the point of purchase

The ILC Selling Online Assistant uses a recommendation algorithm based on reinforcement learning. This is a variant of machine learning that enables learning and adaptation in real time. Main advantages of this solution are:

  • Feedback flows into the learning process in real time, the algorithm optimizes the results itself, e.g.:
    • Recognition of trends or events
    • Consideration of portfolio changes
    • Personalization on-the-fly
  • Maximization of predefined target values, e.g:
    • Margin optimization
    • Sales with successor-products/new products
    • Products with special labelling
  • Seamless combination of offline and online learning, e.g. ERP and online shop

The Selling Online Assistant is specially designed for the requirements and conditions of B2B companies and thus ensures sustainable growth in the areas of existing customer penetration and digital cross- & upselling.